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Considering the selling of your business is a difficult decision that requires expertise and experience in order to meet one's objectives. By only considering mandates
from profitable companies, top quality buyers are attracted to our listings. The Group does not work with turnarounds or troubled companies.

Sellers or those considering a new partner are encouraged to prepare as follows:

  • Have available the latest year end financial statements and internals
  • Verify that all different tax filings and deductions at source are up to date
  • Prepare three year projections supported by a good marketing/sales plan
  • Prepare an organization chart and a brief job description of key players
  • Prepare a sales break down by product, territory, staff, etc.
  • Be knowledgeable about competition in Canada and globally
  • Be confident of current sourcing and be prepared to defend strategic plans
  • Anticipate the request for a basic valuation report showing the buyer that the value stated is based on empirical knowledge.

Elkin consultants can assist in the preparation of any of these items.


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