Strategic advisory services are available for small and medium sized businesses considering selling, acquiring, merging, divesting, financing or seeking financial and/or working partners. Both equity and debt financing are offered.

Client needs are often immediate, requiring a balance of timely responsive action and substantive results. This sense of urgency is communicated to all stakeholders from the outset. Constantly reassessing events while keeping time wasted to a minimum is the key to closing deals.

As an entrepreneur, Brahm Elkin has solid experience in a variety of industries and has concentrated on M&A since 2006. Specific expertise is outsourced as needed to fulfill clients needs. The firm only partners with seasoned and successful experts in their respective fields. Thus, all members of the group must have a proven track record in business. ‚ÄúProfessional consultants‚ÄĚ, without hands on business experience, are avoided.

Elkin Consulting Group prides itself on responding to the strategic goals of their clients, completing engagements by co-venturing with its large network of buyers, sellers and M&A professionals in Montreal.


1117 Ste. Catherine W. Suite 908, Montreal (Quebec) H3B 1H9

Att: Brahm Elkin

Tel: 514 898-1686

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1117 Ste. Catherine W., Suite 908, Montreal (Quebec), H3B 1H9

Tel: (514) 898-1686, Mail:

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